Yes Ve Gan!

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How to build a design collection with bags and accessories, without animal materials like leather or environmentally damaging substances? And why do a few friends want to buy a cork farm in Portugal?

As we thought about a fashion brand without the bling bling and fully ecological sustainable materials - Movevegan was born. Our energy and love towards the product and delivering couture that expresses new approaches to natural design in the contrary to other luxury brands leaves us in hope to create global brand awareness to the good for our customers and our mission to have an impact.

Forests are burning and our earth gets depleted. One cannot do much but in confluence, habit changes and small shifts in what we buy into on a day to day basis, the compound effect will have a vast impact. What it needs is a domino that gets knocked over and creates a chain reaction of good causes. Sexy design doesn't have to be lavish. That's why all our profits flow directly into our in-house fund to sponsor our dream to buy a cork farm and be totally production independent from outside manufactures. And yes there'll be tours and wine tastings too.

We would be more than thankful to welcome you as one of our first customers we serve. With our offers we placed the first domino and with just one purchase you will place the next one and help us start a positive chain reaction for our earth.

With much Love,
Movevegan Friends & Team


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